1 Aug 2011

Warriors of Chaos – Chariot Fail

Here is one of my latest additions to the Children of the Crimson Tide…a Chaos Chariot.So far, this is the largest piece in my WoC army as I have purposefully not gone out and bought any Hellcannons or monsters yet. As such, I wanted to make a good job of it.Painting the model was pretty fun, and I split it up into the horses, base, chariot and riders; painted them all separately and then assembled. This was much easier than assembling and then painting as I would have never gotten into some of gaps.

It was actually looking like one of the better models that I had painted….until I gave it a coat of Citadel Purity Seal...which frosted badly and ruined the model. Rather than take it apart, strip and repaint – I did the best I could to fix the problem. Apparently the frosting is caused by micro-pitting in the Purity Seal coat, so that light is not reflected and it leaves a horrible cloudy-matte finish. I managed to get it looking half decent by giving the model a coat of watered down Citadel Gloss Varnish. It’s not perfect, but it will have to do for now – I guess I could remove the riders which are the worst offenders and convert it into a Chaos Shrine at some point.


  1. Could the frosting not represent frost and snow formed on the armour, given the basing choice? Bit of the snow flock could add to the effect?

    For what it's worth I couldn't really see the offending elements on the photos – model looks really good!

  2. Try a little gloss varnish on the worst parts to fill the voids - then when totally dry, Matte Varnish again. I always shake the can for 1min no exceptions, seems to work.

  3. DT - cheers, it doesn't actually look that bad in the pics...its worse IRL. A couple of people have mentioned that it does look frosty and fits the theme though.

    Siph - I might give it another go. I shook the damn can for ages. It was raining outside though and talk on various forums is that if the atmosphere is mildly humid, this can happen. Must remember not to varnish when its raining out. Shouldn't be too hard here in the UK.


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