31 Jan 2009

FtW Blogger Group Dice

I've been a bit slow on modelling projects as late due to working away from home (under sea) so I thought a quick update was in order. The FtW Blogger Group dice Ron organised (Thank-you Ron) have arrived from across the pond so I thought I'd share a picture with you. The Landspeeder I'm currently working on for the Relictors is still in undercoat stages, although I have done the cockpit detailing within. I'll try and get this done over the next week or so. The Reaver Titan is very slow work, so far I've yet to get a pair of clippers or a file to any of it! Shame on me, I'm sure Pornstarjedi is surging ahead and putting me to shame.
Just a short one today. Can't wait to get a game in and roll all those FtW's (6's)!


  1. Glad they arrived safely... and quick to!

    Enjoy them, I'm hoping to get a gme in with mine later today.

  2. They look awsome, cant wait for mine to arrive :D


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