4 Jan 2009

Battle Report 31/12/08 Ultramarines Vs Relictors

Siph has already posted some details regarding the new years eve battle, which pitted the mighty Ultramarines against a Relictor force. We opted for 1500 points, giving scope for some good units, and some powerful characters.

I decided to included my new 'almost' finished Drop Pod, ready to be deployed with a full Tactical squad. The aim was to use this to gain vital objectives towards the end of the game. I added a Multi-Melta and Flamer to the squad plus Chief Liberian Tigurius to add some weight to the drop pod. A Landraider was included with a 5 man Assault Terminator squad and a Chaplain. I hoped this would dominate the table centre and dish out some heavy damage. A Jump pack squad was included with my final cha
racter, a Captain with relic blade and jump pack. This was my hard hitting unit, which would be used to contest objectives and take out any nasty units Siph had lurking for my boyz in blue. The final squads were a combat Tactical squad, and a Scout squad. Both troop choices to try and grab objectives.

The battle started and first blood to the Ultramarines, and the Landraider, twin linked lascannon shots fired at the Relictors dreadnought, scoring hits and boom! The dreadnought was no more... however all smiles turned to tears as Siph's turn and his Razorback shot back and destroyed my mighty Landraider... and a single terminator passenger! 250 points up in smoke. My Vindicator was also hit with a missile shot... my vindi became a mobile road block as the main weapon (and only weapon) went bang and was destroyed.

Turn 2 - the Ultramarines looked shell-shocked by the loss of its two heavy tanks and took stock of the situation. Assault marines and the Captain moved forward to get into a better position. No sight of the drop pod yet. Relictors returned fire with more hardcore shooting. Scout Sergeant 'Telion' (I thought he was an Ultramarine...) and his trusty BS6 rained sniper fire into the Ultramarine scouts taking one out. His Scout squad followed suit with some well placed sniper fire and another Ultramarine scout died. Rhino mounted marines sped forward in their armoured taxis, and dismounted - the objectives in sight.

Turn 3 - My assault squad launched forward and charged into the terminator armoured Librarian. Scouts and Assault terminators moved towards the centre objective. The assault phase was amazing as the relic blade cut through the Librarian's terminator armour with ease. (like a knife through butter... (insert evil laugh here))
Turn 4 - This started with the sounds of an over head drop pod arriving with a smash, ho
wever, I decided to go for a 'kill them all' moment and landed the drop pod behind the Relictor's tactical squad approaching the oil drum objective. A full tactical squad, and Tigurius jumped out and fired at all comers... the Rhino exploded under Multimelta fire and temperatures increased in the armour of the relictors under flamer assault slaying 4. Assault marines and captain charged the scouts who commanded the objective in the woods cutting down several scouts. My terminators and scouts moved towards the centre objective. I needed another turn...

Relictors turn 4 saw the arrival of Siph's assault marines - and a relic blade at the hands of their captain... this was going to hurt. The tactical squad near the oil drums ran towards the objective to grab another victory point. The assault was frantic, bloody and painful, losses were on both sides, however the iron halo saved both captains ready for another round of combat (hopefully).

The game was set at 4 turns, with a dice roll of 1, 2 or 3 to finish at 4 turns or a 4, 5 or 6 for another turn... I needed another turn... Siph rolled... a 1!! (of which he rolled quite often during the match! (tell me about it! - Siph) the game finished. 2 to the Relictors, 1 to the Ultramarines.

A very close battle, which could of gone either way. Another turn and we both agreed would of been great for the Ultramarines with units ready to grab objectives. I feel that my force was equal to the Relictors, and if the Land Raider had survived the first turn would of dished out some major punishment. The hope was to tie up enemy fire at both the tank and terminators whilst the scouts moved onto the objective.

I really enjoyed the way the assault squad and captain took out the terminator armoured Librarian, and then sat to contest the wood objective.

Roll on the next match!!

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