4 Jan 2009

Simple Conversions with AOBR Sergeant

Firstly I got my modelling knife, razor saw and file out. Clipped the Sergeant from the sprue and with a little patience cut using the Razor saw as shown above - most cuts were almost all the way through, changing cut angle of attack to keep some detail or other. The pointing arm shows this is good detail.

With a few pieces from the normal SM sprues such as the MK8 torso (above) which I trimmed the waistband off, you have totally new unique figures. If you are like me, conversions and a little imagination really make the out of the box models truely yours. The two sergeants below are unique to me and you won't find a same one who ever you battle with, that's one of the great things about this hobby.

The next squad I am painting is the AOBR Tactical Squad and they have embossed shoulder pads with the Tactical Arrow designation - so I rescued the shoulder from the AOBR Sergeant and added a powerfist to make this new Sergeant below.

The legs and the torso above were used on the Sergeant from Squad 5, already posted. Another picture of him is below.
Two unique figures and still a Veteran Backpack, Eagle and Skull plus a pointing Arm yet to use elsewhere.


  1. This is soemthing I would definately do if I got another batch of these marines. Especially if you are going to build a large army based of these marines. My tac squads for my battle company is mainly set with 2 sets of BfMac and 1 set AOBR and the rest normal kits. Just have to make 3 more marines since I cherry picked some nice ones to move into the sternguard.

  2. very nice. i always get caught up about keeping entire bits exactly intact, your choppin' shows some forethought.

  3. Love those guys. Very clean and well done.


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