3 Jan 2009

Relictor Razorback

I painted this Razorback a while ago for my forthcoming Relictors Army, so since the army is pretty sizeable now (50+ troops etc.) I thought I'd share the pics with you. The detailing on the front and side doors and rear ramp are Forgeword parts as this will be my Command Squad transport choice. The addition of a Command Frame space marine sensor on the top designates this as a command vehicle.

I was going for a WWII armoured look so I used roughcoat for the basic chasis before adding details, I don't think I'll do it again - but it sets it apart from the others. Could just be a different Forgeworld or earlier MK? I like it. Since then, this has become the standard colour pattern for my Relictor vehicles.

Command Frame Sensor
But I guess the real reason for posting now is to gloat (sorry) and show Pornstarjedi his Ultramarine Landraider slayer in all its glory - and a new recently added honour marking for destroying that Landraider and one of the Terminator occupants and effectively winning me the recent Ultramarine vs Relictors 1500pt game on turn one. I'll wait for his revenge response of posting pictures of said Landy with a new honour marking, my Dreadnought slayer!

Tank-killer honour in Ultramarine Blue


  1. looks nice mate. i like the chain hanging from the front. in the large pic though I notice some fuzzyness - primer issues??

  2. No Natsirtm, that was the Roughcoat experiment to look like rough welded armour (WWII era-esque). I won't be doing it again tho.


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