11 Jan 2009

Relictors Drop Pod

After some fancy gaming with Pornstarjedi and a drop pod of horror unleashing itself behind my lines, I thought I'd better get painting mine. Beware it is a very large surface area and you are painting both sides of most pieces, inside pod and out. I would say this is more challenging than a Landraider and definitely more time consuming - but worth it.

I hope you get some ideas from the pictures I've posted here.
I found that part assembly and painting those pieces was much easier than if I had assembled first. That way you can get into the pod and do the detailing without the harnesses getting in the way. The yellow stripes on the door were a lot easier than they looked, firstly I used a 1cm card stock to measure lines and marked with pencil along the door length, then I painted the yellow in between the lines with Citadel Foundation Tausept Ochre, then 2 washes of Devlan Mud on the lower halves and then a final highlight of Foundation Iyanden Darksun on the upper edge. The eagle was painted Tin Bitz, Shining Gold and highlighted Mithril Silver. The weathered effect on the metal parts of the 5 vanes was done using Boltgun Metal drybrush and Chesnut Ink, but a few washes of Devlan Mud should do the trick.
Construct the base and centre console first and paint before adding the harnesses and stanchions. When fitting the harnesses, be aware the one with the 3 looped hoses has round holes for the 'skull' faced harness. All the others have 2 looped hoses and plain harnesses. Put this harness next to the single large screen on the centre console to finish of the Sergeants position. (Pictured above).
When constructing the engine block, do not glue the centre spindle, only glue it at the base to the weapon bracket - this way the pod's weapon can freely rotate once constructed. And the 5 square engine plates need dry fitting with the vanes as you glue to make sure the vanes will fit later. Once the block was done, I painted the two halves of the weapon before adding it.
Once all the pieces were part assembled and painted, the pod was finally put together. Well worth the time and effort and a great Transport option too. I hope you like it, Relictor Angels of Death rapidly descending to a battlefield soon...


  1. Wicked awesome, I like it alot. Great work

  2. Nice job. You're the first I know to compare it to building a LR.

    I never thought about it but it is a big model once you look at painting both sides of everything.

  3. good work Siph, I'll be using those pics as I try my hand at scratchbuilding. Thanks!

  4. Cheers everyone. Natsirtm, if you want more photos email me on address ending ....@sky.com from the round robin email from peter @FtW.

  5. Holy Cow, that's impressive!

    Well done you!

    - Drax.

  6. Cheers guys. I does take ages to paint as I've said but worth it. Gonna do the Spearhead drop pod sometime soon... but a breather is needed, very repetitive, 5 of this, 5 of that etc.


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