23 Nov 2008

Relictor Dreadnought

Here is a picture of my Relictors Dreadnought Veteran Brother Lazarus. I got the idea of spikes and Chaos wot-not from the White Dwarf Article about Relictors. I decided to do all four arms you get in the box so I can chop and change depending on the rest of my Army choices. Again 5th Company, shown by the Black quarter (and big 5's i guess!).

The base was done the same as my Bases Tutorial but less GW Modelling sand and more drybrushing of rock surfaces. The Power Fist has paint chip damage painted on using Chaos Black and Boltgun Metal with a rust Chesnut Ink wash. The Skull motif was taken from a Warhammer Fantasy Shield Sprue. Most of my Vehicles will have these as seen in my previous Rhino posting.
The scorched effect around exhausts and heavy flamer is drybrushed tin bitz and then drybrushed chaos black over a boltgun metal basecoat. Leg gear mesh teeth, wire mesh and hydraulics have a chesnut ink wash to look oily.

I discovered the speed art of Drybrushing on this beauty, he was only my 5th or 6th miniature painted and still my favourite I think. Lots of drybrushing Boltgun Metal over a Chaos Black undercoat to the back and legs etc. done in record time (3mins). I think it is easier to do this first because it is messy, then do the painted armour plates after.


  1. Beautiful looking color scheme, and nice job on the "5's" and other such insignia. I like that you're doing the 5th Company - the 1st and 2nd company of any chapter always seem to get all the glory!
    I've added your blog to our blog roll at http://www.andygomez.wordpress.com/

  2. nice!... are the spare weapon arms magnetic?
    like the colour scheme.
    well done.

  3. Ian, cheers but 5's and skulls are GW transfers! Vinci76, arms are as found in boxset, just not glued on tapered stump - its a tight enough fit for handling during games but i guess in the future i may need to magnetise.

  4. Very nice, I really like how strong and smooth your colours are. Good idea painting up all four of the arms that come with it, I don't see why people don't do that automatically really.

  5. Nice job, i like the interchangeable arms for him. Makes him much more useable for many different roles.

  6. Very nice job, especially given it was only your 6th miniature - congrats & looking forward to seeing more :)


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