22 Nov 2008

Relictors Space Marine Scouts - Squad #1 and #2

As promised, some more phots of my Relictors.

I have a couple of squads of scouts finished. Firstly with bolters and a missile launcher, the second squad with sniper rifles and a heavy bolter. My paintjob came from the idea that scouts would still wear their Chapter colours (Relictors Grey Armour) but would concede to some sort of camouflage (Cloaks and Trousers/Tunic) in order to be able to infiltrate. Thus, my guys have trousers and tunics to match the base colour sands, camo cloaks and camo silencers. The Hvy Bolter chap is a simple plastic conversion from the scout boxsets using a sniper cloaked body and cut down Hvy Bolter. The Sergeants have a normal marine head filed down to fit and one scout uses a IG head. The base of the Hvy Bolter has some 28mm scale Shell Casings I got from ebay.The sniper squad have a Hvy Bolter after reading an article on scout tactics from the Games Workshop website. I plan to make the bolter squad to 10 men so I can either use it as full squad or two combat squads.

Bolters and Missile Launcher

Sniper Rifles and Heavy Bolter

Camouflage Pattern


  1. Those guys look nice, any chance of a close up of the camo pattern on the cloaks and how you did it?

  2. Thanks Ron, picture added. The camo pattern is easy to do. I started with a coat of Macharius Solar Orange then a wash of Chesnut ink in recesses. Add stripes with Tausept Ochre (or Iyanden Dark Sun if you want a brighter yellow), next random spots of Calthan Brown and finally smaller spots of Khemri Brown at the top of the Calthan Brown spots. You can adapt this to any colours - For inspiration type camouflage in Google pictures.

  3. Seems simple enough.
    The colors are very striking, nice job.

  4. I like the Heavy Bolter conversion - I did the same for my 'counts as' telion but just with a regular bolter, also like the extra bolter scout carrying missile ammo.
    I did however take it a step further by modeling cloaks (poorly!) on every scout and using the extra body and some old palm tree bits to make an 11th scout from the two boxes.

  5. Cheers Natsirtm. Checked out your blog too - some good Novamarines stuff going on!


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