8 Nov 2008

My Hobby Area and paint rack

I am lucky enough to have a spare room dedicated to me and my stuff. Therefore, it gets messy whilst attempting to paint or make my next project amongst the twenty other nice projects I may have on the go...

The picture above shows my latest purchase along with to the left just out of shot, a Reaver 40K Titan and a Warhound 40K titan and to the right my Bitz Box. Currently working on a squad of Relictor Space Marines in Mk7 and Maximus Armour Mk4 plate. Also shown is my trusty 'Helping Hands' magnifying glass to prevent eye strain whilst painting fiddly bits!

This was always a right pig-sty until I came across the Paint Rack and Tool Rack from 'Miniaturescenery.com' in someone elses blog. They get shipped in from Australia flat pack and are easily assembled at home with PVA and Clippers and a GW File. Here is a photo of the assembly.
Go on, buy some... I know you want too!


  1. Nice work. I have added you to my blogroll.

  2. Good catch on the paint caddy. The only problem I have is I'm in the process of "leaving" the GW/Citadel paints behind for Reaper Master Series. It's not that I'm a good painter or anything, it's more that I like the control you get with the dropper bottles the RMS paints come in (better for mixing, thinning, etc.). But I still have a pile of Citadel paints...so maybe I should look into that caddy after all. :)

  3. crusherjoe, the paint rack is designed to take RMS paints and dropper bottles too. Check out on the 'miniaturescenery' website for pics with various manufacturers pots.

  4. This looks like a good investment i might buy one, I have a small plastic chest of drawers thing (bout 40cm high) that has tonnes of small drawers i use for bitz


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