13 Nov 2008

My Relictors - Paint Scheme

I have been painting my Space Marines for a while and chose the Relictors as I had seen articles on them back in WD 281(UK) and 295(UK) and thought, yes, this gives me a valid fluff excuse of why my mate Pornstarjedi and his Ultramarines would be picking a fight with me.

For those who don't know, the Relictors are deemed to be Excomunicate Traitoris as they dabble with Chaos Artifacts. But, they are sworn defenders of humanity and serve the Emperor of Mankind more than most - it's just that they believe that the best weapon to defeat Chaos is Chaos itself! They use the artifacts or Relics they find to defeat Chaos. A practice that nearly wiped them out when they were targetted by the Grey Knights and the Inquisition. A few Radical Inquisitors ally with them seeing the merits of what they do. (I have posted the Background of the Relictors elsewhere on this blog - keyword Background).

As the picture here shows (Thanks to SM Painter in Bolterandchainsword) I have brightened up the plain GW Relictor Scheme with bone coloured weapons and kneepads etc. The company I am making is the 5th Company, hence the black trim on the shoulder pads making them easy to paint (See Index Astartes for Company Colours - might even elaborate here if it is wanted). I plan the Veteran Units to have bone coloured trim as a dirty version of normal White Trim for 1st Company. They will also have bone coloured heads.

I plan to use the white skulls already on the Space Marine Transfer Sheet from GW as the Relictors Penitent Skull Chapter Badge along with plain white Tactical, Assault and Devastator markings on the other shoulder as required. Larger skulls are on the SM Vehicle Transfer Sheet and Imperial Guard already making ideal banner and vehicle markings. Belloflostsouls has a Relictor transfer sheet for download but I had already started painting before I knew of it's existence - i've started so i'll continue!

I'll aim to get pictures of my completed and WIP units here for your perusal.


  1. I think the addition of the bone to the color scheme is a nice addition. It adds a little contrast to an otherwise plain scheme.

    I've always liked the Relictors so it's nice to see them getting some attention.

  2. Awesome, I love the background of the Relictors and their usage of Chaos for good. Do you have any plans for house rules for Daemon Weapons or other such goodies?

  3. Vredesbyrd, the rules for 40K from WD 295(UK) in a nutshell, is 1 daemon wpn for an IC, 1 chaos banner instead of Chapter or Company standard. Everything else is Codex Vanilla. I plan to have the Company banner miniature with interchangeable banners.
    Ron, thanks. I thought so too. A trio of colours always seems to work, Primary, Secondary and an accent colour. Grey/Black/Bone

  4. I'm offline for a bit and great new blogs crop up! I'm really liking your paint scheme, the Relictors are an under appreciated chapter. I'm also quite jealous of your paint station...

  5. I hae a relictor force as well- although I focus on the time after their fall being wiped out y the grey knights. So I made them chaos.

    Where did you get those colorsheme armypainter pictures from? Is there a tool?

  6. Seemyinnergeek, cheers for your comments, are you going to use that stone as terrain? Hmmm...
    Cannonfodder, the painter tool is found on www.bolterandchainsword.com, follow the link tab at the top of the page for the 'SM Painter'. The fluff says they are still loyal after Grey Knight whoopass but i'm sure some could have easily got lost along the way... nice to know we have some brothers out there, even if you have turned to the dark side!

  7. Not all bad the dark side- a lot more chaos artifacts now- you know ^^
    And I can still bash chaos...

  8. Nice! i like! Can i ask. What are the colours you used? What kind of grey? Thanks

  9. Timon,
    It is a black undercoat, codex grey basecoat, badab black wash, fortress grey dry brush and some line highlights.
    Boltgun metal parts.
    Dheneb Stone basecoat on knee and bolter casing, bleached bone coat and skull white highlight.
    Parchment is Dheneb Stone, Gryphionne Sepia Wash.
    Purity Seals Mechirite Red basecoat, Scab Red coat, Blood red edges, Baal Red Wash.
    Hope that helps.


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