4 May 2020

Imperial Knights - Knight Paladin - Vassal of Legio Astorum

Hello All, adding to my Dominus Knights and Armigers, another Knight Paladin in the colours of Vassal Knights of Legio Astorum. The scheme is loosely based on House Terryn which is a perfect match of Legio Astorum when substituting the white panels for yellow and horse heads for Legio Astorum eclipses.
Meet 'Sir Olwyn' riding 'Honoured Vigilance'. My usual trim colour and decals from the Forge World Legio Astorum decal sheet, and decals from the Imperial Knights decal sheets.
I used power cables being green like other Imperial Forces of mine and based the same as all my armies, with some slate from the garden.
The Astorum colours proudly on display on the carapace and shoulder pauldron. The helmet cowling is also yellow to accentuate the Astorum scheme. The cockpit view port is the same as on my other Knights and Armigers.
Finally the personal heraldry is displayed on the right shoulder and left knee, same as the box art, but in Astorum yellow instead of cream. The stripes are kill markings for the Rapid Fire Battlecannon which also has heat staining around the muzzle.

Growing my Vassal Knights to support the Titan Maniple. Cheers, Siph. (20pts)


  1. Very solid, great work. I love all the little details and highlights here.

  2. I'm always torn on these things. They look great (this one especially), but I have no want to actually have to play against one.. Guess I was too mentally scarred from dealing with Eldar knight's in 7th.

  3. Like.

    More Warp Runner stuff always gets my vote.

    Although I am aware that my two GW knights are painted but not finished.... rats


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