19 Oct 2016

Chaos Daemonettes Commission by Rob at 30Kplus40K

Hello, as some who frequent this blog may know, I have a rather large To-Do pile, a great place to be no doubt, more minis than I have time for doing myself is not a complaint! So, what could I do? I work hard, earn a decent crust so why not help a fellow blogger expand their skill set and get something done on my To-Do pile at the same time!
Rob at 30Kplus40K messaged me a long while ago reference experimenting with possible commission work, I didn't check Google mail for ages (Soz Rob!) and when I replied, I said I'd be interested in getting some Daemons done and as it was Rob's first commission, I'd seen his own work, so gave him free reign in how they were painted. I specified that i'll do the bases to match my own and that I like the 'traditional' Daemonettes scheme.
Rob did an excellent job, kept me informed throughout and was a great price, one we were pretty unsure about as it was his first commission and I thought they were worth more! We came to a favourable price between us.

Has Rob started down the road of Commission painting for a job, or as a side project to fund his awesome Solar Auxilla force budget - who knows? But if you are interested in getting a UK based genius to do some of your To-Do pile for you, feel free to check out his blog and contact him through Google+.

I'm just finishing the bases of the 'Pink' Horrors he did for me too! You may have seen them on his blog, Tzeentch works in bright assorted colours indeed! Love them!


  1. I will be commissioning some of my models. To many models, too little time. Plus my wrists have been bugging me for a while so I think I have to slow down with the painting.

  2. These look great. If I could afford it, I would defo commission stuff again.

  3. Hummm. I wonder how long his list is....

    Oh, nice deamonettes, btw. Auxillaries for the Rellies ?

  4. @ Turkadactyl, msg him and find out if he is available, I know he has a Deathwing Commission of my mates to do.

    @ Col H, I know the feeling, too many models, not enough time...

    @ Zzzzzz, yepmate, Daemonettes are for my Relictors to summon using Daemonology. I may get a Daemon Prince too and an HQ so I can field them as a small force perhaps?

  5. I don't have the whole army collected yet. I want to give a whole army so when it is painted it will look consistent. I'm going to look local first (Canada) to save on shipping costs.


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