3 Oct 2016

Terrain and Scenery - Cargo Containers - Alternative 40K Scenery

Hello Readers, so today I have an alternative to the great GW Munitorum Armoured Containers scenery. These are more along the lines of the FW containers that FW keep adorning their terrain pieces with, however slightly larger than the GW ones and not as detailed or cannot be opened. But, if like me you want LOS blocking scenery - then these are ideal!
Here is the Imperial Space Marine for size comparison. 
See, these are the big brother of the Container scenery, a Land Raider can hide behind these easily.
(Image from King Fluff, blogger buddies at Battle Bunnies Blog - check them out! Great Pre-Heresy stuff everywhere!! - permission sought)

As you can see in the Battle Bunnies image above, the GW containers barely cover the Tech Priest, and a Marine can stand up inside, but no more.
These alternative scenery metal boxes can almost fit a Rhino inside, the hatch looks a little too small but the size overall easily hides a Rhino - an a disembarked squad for good measure.
And, for you Imperial Knight barons, yes, two stacked can easily hide your Knights! Where are these from you ask? They are from the European Company Gamemat.eu the same as the Battle Mat shown. Check out the site. I pre-ordered these ages ago before GW was producing their versions and I didn't know GameMat were doing a line in pre-painted scenery too. Lots of industrial buildings and they look good basically painted, ready to add the details and transfers to taste.
Speaking of the Game Mats, I have also purchased bags for both the mats I bought. £5 each. They deliver to UK and Europe and the US. Hopefully you found the review of the above useful and a possible alternative for your tables.

Cheers, Siph.


  1. Yeah man these are much better, I bought 6 of the GW ones and they are freaking tiny and for some reason, I think they look a bit daft stacked up for extra height.

  2. Looks like they do some other nice terrain doodas too. (generators, crates, ....)

  3. They Look good there. I think a nice range of containers sizes works best. I really would like to see a nice arvus lander container version.

    That reminds me, I need to get my container redesign done...

  4. Awesome work, man! I like the extra size, definitely more useful from a LOS point of view. Good stuff!

  5. @ RED SCORPS, yeah I know, I opened these and at first thought they were the wrong scale, but quickly I thought about real ISO containers and the size of men, and these are ideal. Especially at blocking LOS, which Is why I wanted them. I'm torn whether to stack two or not tho.

    Col F, indeed, I am thinking I might splurge on some industrial stuff later on.

    Col H, yes you do. I'll be interested in what size you plum for. And I might save one of the three for a container 'sorry' type vehicle, terrain piece. I will have a spare Manticore if I subvert my IG models to the Genestealer Cult cause...

    Mordian7th, indeed mate, I will make a terrain piece out of them. Not sure if I should stack one of them tho, to make the most of the LOS for Imperial Knight sized enemies too.

  6. They look reminiscent of the containers in the Calth book.

    Of course I flicked through it one and put it on the bookshelf, so I may be mistaken.

    It has happened before.



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