24 Oct 2016

Dreadtober - More Progress with B&C Plastic Contemptor Dreadnought

Hello, welcome to my blog, I've been working on the plastic Contemptor dreadnought for my Relictors growing force. Good progress has been made this week, I finished off the base with a few dead Necron legs (it's last victim!) and some flock for some spot colour, in a similar scheme to the rest of my forces.
I also finished off the Torso, Engine and Head, the name on the scroll work is perhaps his name, "Strength of Will, Courage of Will" being the battle cry of the Relictors Chapter. Maybe I will have to do a brother of his named Courage of Will?!

Battlecry of the Relictors Chapter

I also decided that the armament will be standard for the 40K Codex entry, of an Assault Cannon and Powerfist, rather than model him as a Mortis or something, this way he can be my 'cheaper' Contemptor. I also coloured the shoulder black like my previous Dreadnoughts, but with a green facing, denoting 4th Company colours, as my 5th Company is huge and has a great arsenal already, my fledgling 4th Company can do with reinforcements. Still to add some heat staining washes to the barrels.

Should have him finished in the next week, thanks to the encouragement and motivation Dreadtober has given me. Cheers guys and gals.



  1. He's looking good Siph, though I must say I'm amazed you're onto your second battle company! I'm planning things out for a large scale marine army but you're a very long way ahead of me at the moment!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Coming along nicely there.

  3. Looking good there mate. Did you find some pins in the end for the next one?

  4. 4th Company ?!?!

    Looking forward to that.

    Oh, nice Dread, btw.

  5. Cheers everyone,

    @ Zzzzz, Nick, 4th Company has one Tac Squad, a Devastator Sqd and Vulkan He'Stan. Plus my RTB01





    @ Rory, cheers mate

    @ Col H, can't find half round head pins yet, maybe round headed pins will work if I drill the holes large enough?


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