8 Oct 2016

Dreadtober - Late to the party but I'm IN

I need all the motivation there is to make a dent in the ever large To-Do pile, so this year I decided to join in the shenanigans of the Dread-tober, this year being run by the talented Joe B at Broken Paintbrush. It's not too late to join up (i guess) so need some motivation to get a Dread-like mini done and by a deadline? Check out the link above.

Greggles, the founder, is doing some IRL wedding and honeymoon stuff, so Joe B has taken up this years mantle. Here is a list of this year's Participants to date, I've just emailed to join today - late I know, but not too late to get one done this month!
I've decided to do the Plastic Betrayal at Calth Contemptor, shown here in an earlier post. HERE. And the photo above shows that I have done little since August! Hence, the great idea of getting motivated by Joe B and co. I've now glued the arms, drilled the barrels and stuck two stones to the base...

Come join the fun!


  1. Cool, a b@c dread. Can't wait to see what you do with it (so i can steal your thoughts)!

    Are you going to the 40k open day?

  2. @ Col H, no mate. If you are have a great time! And yes, I was going to use the standard 40K rules set for weapon loadout and in my Relictors scheme! Not original I know, but they need an 10th Dread... ;)

  3. 10th Dreadnaught !?!?!

    Good grief !

    The next time you line 'em ALL up, pm me....

  4. @ Zzzzzz, yes mate, I'll do better than that, I'll post them up here!

  5. Great to see you did join in! I look forward to seeing how he turns out.

  6. Awesome. Glad to see you joining up :)

    Doing a similar thing myself to the b@c dread, so def interested to see what you do with yours


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