12 Feb 2015

WIP Ultramarine Centurion

Hi one and all, thanks for stopping by.

Here is a quick post showing my WIP Ultramarine Centurion Sergeant, with Grav Weapon- the first of a squad of 6, all with Heavy Grav with a combo of Missile pods and bolter chest weapons.

I've spent some time perfecting the 'Blue' for my marines- with this being the look I wanted.. (only taken 20 years..)This is a combination of 7 steps:
  • Choas Black/Abbadon Black undercoat
  • Macragge Blue spray
  • Wash of Drakenhof Nightshade
  • Layered UM Blue (oringial colour)
  • Dry brush of Codex Grey (x2)
  • Glaze of Gulliman Blue
With the blue complete I then added details to the weapons, trims and 'the bling' etc.

As you may have noticed I did a head swap, and used spare heads from the Grey Knight kit, so much better than the marine/terminator helmet. I have also added some modelling putty to the 'neck' so that the head is slightly higher. The other minor swap is that I have altered the 'arms', instead of using them as pairs (similar heraldry on the fists to mark a pair) I selected them as to the pose I wanted- and am happy with the results

 I also tried to add some 'light effect' coming from the grav weapon, (above)  I need to finish this off, making it a little more brighter, and 'effective'

Left to do are the cabling, little details here and there and a banner/ominscope- then on to the other 5...

thanks for looking! 

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