13 Mar 2015

WIP- Ultramarine Sicaran

Hi All,

Here is an update with another Ultramarine project- a Sicaran Relic tank.
I've painted this the same way as my WIP Centurion, with several blue paints to build up the colour, I'm really happy with the overall look of the blue base colour- the combination of washes and glazes give a more natural colour, rather than it looking quite flat.

I've opted to mount the lascannon's on this tank, the perfect tank hunter.

To add to the 'relic' nature of the vehicle, I've add a number of scrolls and honours- all adding to the overall venerable feel. I intend to add transfers to the tank, including reference to the XIII legion, and potentially further honours/kill markers etc. Left to do is to complete the lenses of the windows, and weathering.

Thanks for looking! 


  1. Sicaran! Such a lovely lovely tank. Looking great. I just like the way the lascannons look on it. Looks better then the bolters!

  2. Loving it - we'll have to have a Sicaran off!

  3. While I agree with Greg that the Sicaran is one of the best Marine tanks in the GW/FW range, I personally think the HB's are the way to go - I've not been a fan of the old school Las look that FW have developed. But then thats all down to personal tastes.

    On the tank painting front - looks great so far.

  4. I personally agree with Frothing Muppet, I think the heavy bolters are the way forward, less cost and leave the accelerator autocannons to do the tank killing. I love the FW heavy bolter drum magazines. 6thdegree is right, we'll have to have a Sicaran-off when I've got my tank done too!

  5. thanks for all the comments guys!

    I love the overall look of the tank, whether bolters or lascannons. I opted for lascannons based on the role I see it taking on the battlefield- I see it as a tank hunter, thus with twin linked, 6, S7 autocannons shots, with rending and 2 S9 Lascannon shots I should be able to take most tanks out in a turn, and cause some damage to a Lord of War unit..


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