28 Oct 2013

Relictors Stalker AA Tank

Well, I am away again at sea - so in the meantime here is a few pics of the latest offering completed before I departed.  A Relictors Space Marine Stalker Anti-Air Tank. I love the model and the rules, much needed AA for the Codex Marines! I chose the Stalker over the Hunter as I love the idea of a 'WW2 Flak Tank' in the 41st Millennium, so here it is in it's glory.
Mean looking rhino don't you think - love the multi-barrelled Stalker Autocannons, and either TL or fire at two separate flyers with a BS2 penalty makes it versatile. Against a Stormraven, I'd recommend the other Hunter as it is S7 Armourbane and if misses, next turn it has another chance to seek-and-destroy. So, I'll get one of those next!
Finally, for those wondering, it is magnetised so the guns rotate. And if you wanted - from one kit, youcan easily magnetize the Hunter or Stalker parts for either on a single chassis - the only part that is required for both weapon ounts is the small aerial assembly - otherwise you can have both weapons from one boxset. I sold my Hunter bits on ebay for a tidy amount that will go towards the next Hunter/Stalker model!

Thanks for reading and I'll be back in due course with some more Relictor and Necron goodies. Take care.


  1. Beautifully done - really dig how that turned out!

  2. Lovely as ever! You manage to use it in a game yet?

    Can't believe how dirt cheap they are - but I guess they don't have Inteceptor so are kind of situational...


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