27 Aug 2013

Space Marine Rumours Part 2

Further rumours of the impending Space Marine Codex have been leaked, here below are a few of the, with my thoughts.. (thanks goes to http://pinsofwar.com/warhammer-40k-space-marine-special-characters-rumors/ for these)

Marneus Calgar: 
  • +25 Points
  • Artificer Armor standard (2+)
  • God of War: May use a single Combat Doctrine twice per game
  • Titanic Might: Re-rolls all armor penetrating hits in close combat. He may reroll glancing hits to attempt to get a penetrating hit. Must accept the second roll even if it is worse than the first.
  • Weapons and Ammo still the same. Terminator Armor still has Frag and Krak Grenades. Retain his Teleport Homer.
  • Terminator Armor is 10 points and doesn’t prevent sweeping advances.Warlord Trait: Rolls 3 times on the Warlord Table, rerolling doubles, and chooses a single Warlord Trait.
 I really like the sound of these new rules, no mention if he has the eternal warrior rule (I hope so) I'm alittle upset by the price increase, however it will be interesting to see how the warlord traits for SM's are. I'll still use him- I think the model is great!

Captain Cato Sicarius:
  • -15 points
  • Surprise Attack: +1 to Reserve Rolls
  • Weapons still the same
  • Battle-forged Heros: Pick a Tactical Squad and they gain Counter-Attack, Infiltrate or Scout.
  • May still use the Coup-de-Grace with his sword.
  • Lost Rites of Battle
  • Warlord Trait: Imperium Sword 
I've never used Cato in his previous incarnation, however with the price drop, and the fact there is the addition +1 on reserves I think he might be a winner! be interesting to see if he retains his 'feel no pain' armour

  • -65 points
  • +1 Wound
  • Master Psyker: May re-roll any or all of his rolls to choose which powers he knows. He has access to all the powers.
  • ML3
  • Hood of Hellfire: Psychic Hood that allows you to re-roll failed psychic tests
  • Rod of Tigiruis: Same as before with the addition of Soulblaze
  • Gift of Prescience: If your army contains Tigirius you may choose to re-roll reserves and apply the result to units of the same attachement.
  • Warlord Trait: Storm of Fire
My first 40k character I ever bought was Tigirius, and with the refresh, and will certainly be using him again! the only issue with the previous edition was the lack of EW, or an invulnerable save- with access to all psychic powers he could have- and potentially could become one of the strongest characters in 40k..

  • Zealot
  • All equipment the same
  • Warlord Trait: Angel of Death
Glad he retains the same wargear- I could see them going back to the pistol version for some reason.. I really like the idea of a Calgar/Cassius unit with terminators

  • Chapter Tactics: Ultramarines
  • Same points cost
  • Same rules
The points cost were just about right from him, glad he retains the original rules as it made sense to be able to use his high BS on a scout with a missile launcher with the fluff in mind

Sergeant Chronus:
  • -20 points
  • +1LD
  • His vehicle gains It Will not Die
 The point drop makes a lot of sense, as I never really thought the points cost was justified, however the inclusion of 'it will not die' makes his vehicle very powerful indeed- my thoughts would be either for him on a Land Raider, or Predator. My thoughts are that the +1 LD is really BS like the previous edition. 
thanks for reading!

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