3 Jan 2019

Legio Crucius - Warbringer Nemesis Titan - MONS IGNEUS - WIP #1

Hi One and All,

I hope you all had a Great Christmas- Happy New Year from the Weemen Team!

So, the first post of 2019 has to be my next project.. The Warbringer Titan!

I have already selected a name for the Titan, Mons Igneus, which is Latin for Volcano, or Fiery Mountain- which is apt for the Titan!

Like most of the early Warbringer titans from Forge World I have had a selection of missing, or wrong parts. During a call today to FW I was informed that my parts are to be shipped tomorrow, with all other kits needing the parts due to be shipped out this month. This affect around 300 models. Anything ordered after the 17th December 'should' be OK, as the missing conduit part has been addressed and added, and the new cast for the shin guard sorted.

So far I have built the 'femurs' and 'torso' of the model. I wanted to have the torso ready to dry fit on the legs/pelvis prior to fixing these into place. With this model I think i need to be careful to make sure the weight is correctly balanced on the hips.

The kit so far has gone together really well- and am looking forward to getting the model standing!

Here are some comparison pictures of the body and hips to the Reaver..

And potentially looking at head options- I am still thinking I will stick with the normal Warbringer head for this one..
Cheers for Looking! LH


  1. Crikey! There's nothing like a small project to ease you into the new year ;-)
    Good luck with the project.

  2. As a geologist and your mate I have to ask, you know Igneous has a ‘O’ in it? ;)

  3. Bloody warp taint, you are not starting small are you? Just looked up the price and all.

  4. OMG. Hoping for not too many tears LHP, Good Luck ! The more I see of the Warbringer the harder it looks.


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