25 Dec 2019

Happy Christmas / Holidays / Glorious Emperor Ascendance Day

A very Merry Christmas and a hobby filled New Year to you all, whatever you celebrate - hokey religions or the cold hard Imperial Truth ;)   from us three not so wise men at WeeMen

Cheers! Siph, Lord Halfpenny and the very elusive 6thDegree  ;)

Scroll down for more hobbyist Christmas themed pictures...
(Santa Claws by Redditor u/jojothepirate87)

(Zanta Klawz by Redditor u/Mackelrov_aka_Stitch)

Ork by Redditor u/BossMupzi)

(Image by GW, altered by GregorytheImpaler)

(Image from eldritchepistles - check it out, old school cool collectors blog)

1 comment:

  1. putting a santa hat on a titan is the worst kind of heresy. but it kind of suits her. Merry xmas Siph.


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