22 Feb 2019

Legio Crucius - Warbringer Nemesis Titan - WIP #6 - Rites of Colour

Hi One and All,

Quick update with the Warbringer- I've started to get the model base coated, as well as getting the final parts magnetised.
The skeleton of the titan has had a coat of leadbleacher, which I will then wash with several different washes for contrast.
The hips and shoulders have had an initial gold coat, which will then have a second coat of brass prior to washes to add depth.
The lower legs and feet have been painted up with the same black/metallic black colour as per my other titans.
The quake cannon will be painted with a combination of leadbleacher via spray, and dry brush to pick out the details of the cannon.

Hopefully the weather will be good this weekend to spray up the armour plates..

Thanks for looking LH


For the Emperor! (and other Xenos welcome...)

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