5 Feb 2019

Squaduary 2019 - Skitarii Vanguard - Progress Week 1

Hi All and Squaduary Participants, this weekend I cracked on with some building and construction and re-did the helmet of the one completed Vanguard to a brighter red, Mephiston Red and the shoulder/torso armour with Fulgrite Copper washed Agrax. This was so I could match the helmet to the cloak inner and match the torso armour with the paints I have.
I then forged ahead with the painting of the Torso and Legs of the squad members. aiming to get the three Plasma Caliver troops done first so I can match the plasma coils with the first and get done and out of the way. The clean up of these was quite arduous, especially on the Radium Carbines with some mould slippage - but salvageable so all is good. I'm liking painting these, a change from the Warlord Titan certainly! I found painting the legs separate to the torso/coat makes it a lot easier to get to the base and the inside of the coats, other than the three above, the rest are not glued.
Check out the updates and other hobbyists progress over at Stepping Between Games

Thanks for checking out the progress and to all the participants, keep going, more plastic and resin off the to-do mountain is a worthy cause :)

Cheers, Siph


  1. A good strong red sets off the model well.

  2. You're progressing much better than I am.
    Great work chap!

  3. Sweet. I like the red. Why do they put the mold lines down the centre of the glowing plasma thingy on all models? Its incredibly annoying. But I suppose the mold has to close somewhere...

  4. Looking good Siph, great progress!

  5. Coming along very nicely there chief, strong play.

  6. I'm envious of your foresight in doing sub assemblies.


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