9 Jan 2012

Black Library - Catechism of Hate *EDIT

The aptly named book, Limited to 1500 copies, £30 is already sold out...

I am feeling nerd rage as I wanted one yet Black Library has sold them all to greedy gits who are now flogging them on ebay for £90 or more... one seller had more than 10 copies, a tidy profit! One seller is selling a copy for £169.

Is this just sour grapes 'cos I didn't get one or more, or should Black Library perhaps ask its registered users first divs on a single copy before selling multiple ones...

RANT over. Back to painting now I've nothing to read at sea... see you in May...ish. Have a lovely easter folks.


Edit* I emailed Black Library and got a response which at least sounds a little more positive:

"It is not Black Library's policy to actively support re-sellers. As it stands there is nothing legally we can do to stop them. That said, I agree with you - the situation is less than ideal. We are currently looking at ways to implement limited supply, which should in turn reduce the amount of re-sellers. This should hopefully be in place for the next limited edition book. Thanks again for sending us your thoughts on the matter"

Right, off to sea in a few hours... see ya, and Admiral Drax, thanks!


  1. in the mean time let iron mitten lift the mood http://iron-mitten.blogspot.com/2012/01/supply-and-demand.html

  2. Thanks... made me smile. Now painting a suitably dark forboding Legion of the Damned trooper... nice.

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  4. Hey, there. I actually manage to buy a copy of the book! I'm super excited to get it. I also have "Promethean Sun". :P

  5. Sorry to hear that you didn't secure a copy. I agree that limited runs like this should have a limit to how many one can purchase.

  6. With a bit of luck are BL going are to release it as a eBook.


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