31 May 2012

Relictors Space Marine Attack Bike Squad w/ Multi-Meltas

 As promised, here is a couple of shots of the Relictors Space Marine Attack Bike Squad, all anti-tank armed with a Multi-Melta and twin linked bolters for those pesky crew...
As you can see I have echoed the aspect colours of the army with the Grey/Bone/Black pennants. I intend to run the two twin bikes as a Squad and the third converted one on its own - much de-mech goodness! Lets hope I don't fight Bugs or Monstrous Daemons, but these babies made light work of Pornstarjedi's 3 Soulgrinders last weekend!


  1. Great work - love how those have turned out!

  2. Cheers Mate. Working on final piece for tomorrow's tournament, a Vulkan Hestan conversion from AOBR Capt.

  3. Nice work. I didn't notice the tiny bits of green grass on the bases until just now. That's a nice touch to the large brown area and helps break them up slightly.

    Ron, FTW

  4. Wow - cutting it close on that Vulkan conversion!


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