29 May 2012

Necrons Paint Scheme - Updated

 I am busy finishng off the Relictors Army for BlogWars3 but I get distracted easily...

Something just wasn't right with the Black and Blue trim glow of the Destroyer sitting to the left of my painting station, then it hit me - why would black glow blue? So I dabbed on some Necron Abyss Blue and voila, Blue glow blue... here is a before shot. Is it better now? And thanks for those comments before, I have made both their eyes glow from the centre more with a tiny dab of Skull White.
I must get a new drybrush - mine's all flayed, need the glow effect to be more smooth next time. I think blue carapace ties in more with the blues of the cables, eyes and Gauss effect. Whatcha think people?



For the Emperor! (and other Xenos welcome...)

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