10 May 2012

Tyranid Mycetic Spores

I don't use Mycetic Spores (the ‘Nid version of SM Drop Pods) very often; I do with Doom of Malantai and occasionally to drop dakkaFex’s in BIIIIIIIIG games (they are a bit pricy) but I have been really tempted to try and put together a full Deepstriking list recently – which obviously means lots of pods are required. Not exactly easy when GW don’t make any models for them.

The general consensus is that Mega Bloks Plasma Hatcher toys are the best/easiest proxy (you can get them for cheap on eBay); they are big enough to realistically transport a Carnifex, have a decent level of detail and can be painted pretty easily. I actually used one in Blog Wars 1:

The thing is; they look a bit dull/samey if you don’t do anything with them – but then I stumbled across a post on Claws and Fists on how to (IMO) make the best looking Mycetic Spores ever. Basically half an egg and play around with expanding foam. Genius!



I’ve bought enough eggs to make up four Mycetic Spores and these are my first two attempts.

Not too shabby if I do say so myself (although all credit goes to Claws and Fists). The next two are going to have a few “extras”....

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  1. Nice (as in disgusting!). Kudos to the Baron for thinking this one up!


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