24 May 2012

Warhound Titan 'Canis Praetor' Legio Astorum WIP

 Hi All, here is some WIP shots of my newest addition to my Legio Astorum Titans, another Warhound 'Canis Praetor', brother machine of 'Canis Bellum' and his larger Reaver 'Honorum' both seen here. Not my own work I hasten to add, for this much resin I bow to better judgement and got an excellent artist to commission them for me. Maybe one day I'll attempt something this large and expensive, however for now I'll stick to tanks and flyers...
 As always, the artist *Slayer Sword Winner 2014 Richard Gray has surprised me with the sheer awesomeness of the detail and professional finish.
 The crew above, look awesome - and they'll be hidden for the most part! And below shows the airbrush work on the Carapace - got to love that Legio Astorum logo!
 Striped work is hard work, but all three have these beautiful stripes - excellent work. Should be with me soon. Anyone interested in getting Richard to do some commission work, see his website for details http://www.richardgraycreations.com/ .


  1. Oh Superb!!!!!!
    I must finish my Titan - write out 50 times on blackboard.

  2. Looks stunning! Any idea when it will be finished?

  3. Should be this month, so I'll get it soon! Fancy an Apoc? I've enough now for a Titan Hunting Pack formation ha

  4. Tempting - maybe I can field enough Gaunts that one slips on all the bodies...its probably the only way I could take one down.

  5. Ha Ha, get yourself some bigger bugs! And cheers John, I must say thats about the only thing I havent seen on your Blog, you are lacking titans my friend. ;)


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