18 May 2012

Blog Wars 3 Tyranid List

Blog Wars 3 is now only 2 weeks away and final lists have to be submitted tomorrow.

Picking my list was fairly easy – I took what I liked from Blog Wars 2 (the Swarmlord being unstoppable and my Tyrannofex getting a few Turn 1 de-mechs in). I then removed what hasn’t been working for me (Tervigons – I will keep a single one, but in my pairs list they just weren’t doing anything useful) and added units that I know will work (Trygons and Hormagaunts).

The list I will be taking is:

Swarmlord with two Tyrant Guard (Lash Whips)

Tervigon (Catalyst, Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacks)
10x Termagants
18x Hormagaunts

2x Hive Guard
2x Hive Guard
2x Hive Guard

2x Trygons (Adrenal Glands)

It’s Nidzilla!!! It’s got some decent some good shooting and combat skills and offers flexibility for reserves. There should only be 11KPs in the list (which is not much for me) and whilst the list is few in numbers, I wouldn’t want to be stood opposite it and have to make the decision about what to aim at first (a pair of Trygons who should be in combat around T2 – or the CC bohemoth just behind them)...

 I was slightly concerned with the lower number of Troops than normal, but so long as I am careful with them and get lucky spawning more Gants, then there should be no problems with claiming objectives. Additionally, I normally run with at least 3 pieces of synapse – but with the Swarmlords increased synapse range and the fact that MCs don’t really need synapse, I should be fine.

I’ve almost changed the list up a dozen times in the past fortnight after getting numerous suggestions of improvements; taking out Swarmlord and replacing him with Doom of Malantai and a Tyrant (the Tyrant is almost as good and the Doom is great fun – but neither are really suited to the special mission rules) and also getting rid of the TFex for some Genestealers (something I tried but missed the chance of taking down mech from T1 and the Genestealers always died quickly in the test games).

I’m sure its not as competitive as it could be and I pray I don't go up against and Dark Elder players; but its a fun list to play in practice, which I think embodies some of the essence of Nidzilla and I think it will bring a smile to my opponents faces (at least at first...).


  1. Nice fun looking list (hell its nids, they are ALL fun lists, its a fun army!) Personally I prefer more troops so would drop 1 trygon and take some stealers, that way you can keep your tyrannofex. But hey thats just me :) Good luck at BW3!

  2. Looks like a good list, not too dis-similar from my own. One thing that i was considering was taking a prime instead of a second guard for the swarmlord. Though i haven't got time to paint one up as well as the rest of the army. Look forward to seeing it on the table.

  3. It be interesting to see how you tfex goes. How have you outfitted him? Im considering one instead of running cfex's which aren't good or less you run two of.
    the swarmlord is a nice 'sc' choice, I still think that 3+ armour save hurts him though as missiles can hurt him cheaply.
    Be interesting to see how all us nid players do at bw3

  4. The TFex has a Rupture Cannon (the only way to go IMO). It's expensive but almost every game has made a first turn demeching which I find invaluable.

    Swarmy has his issues (lack of eternal warrior...) but with enough guards, cover and leech essence he is normall pretty hardy. But hell - you want to torrent him to death for a turn or two, I have a pair of untouched Trygons...

    It would be nice for Nids to be in t he top 25% - but I know that won't be me.


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