28 May 2012

Relictors Space Marine Attack Bike Conversion - for BW3

 So some more progress has been made on my Army for BlogWars3 this Saturday. I have been slowly painting away the missing bits for the army list I have chosen. Here is the latest offering, an Attack Bike with (Twin-Linked Vulkan List) Multi-Melta. As you can see I have not used the stock model, but rather a conversion I saw somewhere on Warseer (ages ago so don't have a link) that looked easy to do and added a little character to my three Attack Bikes. Two will be stock models in a Squad together, the other a separate Fast Attck slot - that can be this one. The final Fast Attack slot will be a TL MM, TL HF Landspeeder.
 Lots of Relictor skull goodness... and a Multi-Melta in your face before your tank dies!
 I may add any kills they make at BW3 on to the base here such as a daemon head or tyranid claw etc...
 The pennant is from a SM Scout Bike kit, the Chariot body from a WFB Tomb Kings chariot set.

1 comment:

  1. Wow - tremendously wishful thinking there...lol.

    I really like the conversion though - it's looking great!


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