8 May 2012

Daemons VS Relictors- BW3 warm up battle (Picture Heavy)

With Siph returning home, a cheeky BW3 warm up battle was arranged to test potential army lists.

Siph's list was a Calgar-Dread list, including a Master of the Forge to enable him to field 5 dreadnoughts of various types. Jedi's list was a Mono-Khorne list, with Skulltaker as the Character choice.
We decided to test them on of the scenerios that we will be playing at BW3 (thanks FtF)

Daemon wave 1 included 2 Soul Grinders, a Bloodthirster and a unit of Bloodcrushers including Skulltaker and a Herald. Daemon wave 2 was 2 units of 8 Bloodletters, 1 unit of 7 Bloodletters, 5 Flesh Hounds and a another Soul Grinder.

Infiltators- Scouts into 'infirmary' building in opposite quarter to Relictors Deployment.
  • Daemons Wave 1 arrive via Deep Strike- Soul Grinders (SG) in position to fire, Bloodthirster (BT) and Bloodcrushers (BC) behind centre building
  • Poor Daemon shooting phase- with no casaulties from SG firing scattering/not wounding
  • Relictors open fire on SG's- causing no damage. Forget to shoot Scouts at BT
  • Rifle-dread's fire on BC unit- causing 3 single wounds
  • Ironclad charges BT
  • Venerable dread charges SG
  • Both dreadnoughts are destroyed in CC (Siph :-(  stoopid in hindsight )

Turn 2
  • Flesh Hounds and 7 Bloodletters arrive- FH in front of the Relictors lines, BL in cover to claim a quarter
  • Bloodthirster charges into Rifledread - destroys Dread
  • 2nd SG charges Rhino and is smashed to pieces
  • SG hit and has a weapon blown off and Immobilised
  • Marneus and MotF charged into the SG
  • 2nd SG taken out with a 'lucky' krak
  • FH wiped out from Relictor bolter fire
  • MotF killed by the SG in CC - squish
  • Marneus wounded twice by the SG in CC - Daemon and Relictor rounds


Turn 3
  • 2nd Rhino moved into position to claim Quarter
  • 8 man Bloodletters arrives via DS- however a mishap occurs and Siph positions them into building in Daemons claimed quarter - far left of below pic
  • Bloodthirster charges 2nd Rifleman- killing in CC 
  • Terminators arrive via DS- homing onto Marneus' Homing Beacon
  • Herald killed by marines and Scouts fire
  • Marneus wounded again - in return destroyed a SG weapon
  • Bloodletters charge 5 man Relictor squad- killing all,
  • Dreadnought charges BL in response- killing 1 and contesting Quarter
Turn 4
  • 3rd SG arrives via DS- in support of the other SG
  • final BL squad arrives via DS, and mishaps - and is destroyed
  • Bloodthirster charges final dreadnought- another dreadnought is killed due to the Khorne Greater deamon
  • SG fires on the Scouts, reducing them to 2 and enabling enough room for Skulltaker to charge them in combat and wipe out next turn.
  • SG killed via combined force of Calgar and Assault Terminators.
  • Skulltaker kills remaining scouts. Relictor's shoot up Skulltaker but to no avail
  • Marneus moves into contest Skulltakers 'Quarter' and tempt him down. But he hides.
  • Terminators charge 3rd SG in combat - however unable to penetrate...
We rolled to see whether we finished - a 3 was rolled- a turn 6!

Turn 6
  • Marneus charges the SG to help destroy the SG which would enable Relictors to win their contested Quarter back and get a draw - however the Daemon engine survives (Siph - mumble mumble... damage rolls, 1 and 2's again...)
  • Marine fire takes out several Bloodcrushers - reducing to 1 wound single BC. 
  • Daemons claim 1 quarter, the remaining 3 are all contested
 Game end - a win for the Daemons!! 1 quarters to 0

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