19 May 2012

Relictors 1750pt BlogWars 3 List

So it's my turn to post the list for the forthcoming BlogWars3 held at the end of the month at Maelstrom Games, Mansfield, UK and organised by fellow blogger Alex (From the Fang). Tickets are still available, come along and join the fun.

1750 Siph Horridus’ Space Marines (Relictors) BW3 Army List
HQ - Vulkan Hestan, Master Crafted Relic Blade, TL HF

TROOP - Tactical Squad (10), TL Flamer / TL Multi-Melta, Serg – Combi Melta, Rhino
TROOP - Tactical Squad (10), TL Flamer / TL Multi-Melta
TROOP - Sniper Scouts, Hvy Bolter Hellfire Rounds

ELITE - Ironclad Dreadnought, Seismic Hammer w/ TL Melta Gun, DCCW w/ TL HF, 2 x Hunter Killer Missiles, Drop Pod
ELITE - Dreadnought, 2 x TL Autocannon
ELITE - Terminator Assault Squad, 3 Master Crafted Thunderhammer / Storm Shield, 2 Lightning Claws, 2 x TL LC Landraider Dedicated Transport, TL Multi Melta

FA - Landspeeder, 1 x TL HF, TL MM
FA - Attack Bike Squad (2), 2 x TL Multi Melta
FA - Attack Bike, TL Multi Melta

HVY - Predator w/ Autocannon, Side Sponson Hvy Bolters

I hope this will give Pornstarjedi's triple Soul Grinder list something to think about if I have to battle him. Vulkan Hestan gives a great army wide upgrade of making all Multi-Melta's and Flamers, Hvy Flamers Twin Linked! Worth it's weight in plastic/finecast Ha. And ThunderHammers become Master Crafted. Nice.

I can combat squad the Tacticals giving me 5 troop choices if needed, LR for transporting Vulkan and Termies and some mobile anti-tank with Bikes and Speeder. Rifleman Dread and Predator gives some reliable anti-transport guns as well as anti-heavy troop guns. And the Ironclad is an AV13 headache dropping into your back lines on turn 1 with Drop Pod Assault. Nice (would have been better in a Lucius Pod to Assault Turn 1 but the AV13 with TL Melta Gun and TL Hvy Flamer should ensure he sticks around for turn 2).

Comments welcome, list is submitted now so no changing...


  1. Cheeky looking list matey- Hope I don't draw you during BW3- I play you too often! lol

    It appears that we all have fairly strong forces- be interesting to see who gets the Weeman Wooden Spoon...

  2. I like this list - a bit of an all-rounder and doesn't have a stupid amount of mech.

    Maybe we need a tournament rematch?


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