26 Apr 2021

Relictors Sternguard Squad w/ Heavy Bolters

Hello All, thanks for dropping by, not only have I been busy with Titans of various sizes, I always come back to my first love, my ever expanding Relictors Chapter Battle Company. Long overdue are some Sternguard Veterans.
These are made from a variety of kits including the Sternguard Boxset, Horus Heresy plastics, old metal Sternguard set and some Dark Angel Veterans. The skeleton adorned back packs was a set of back packs from the old Cypher and Fabius Bile metal miniatures released as a blister pack of 10 for a short time to get rid of stock I guess. I have used them across several Veteran Squads.
The Sternguard Sergeant is based on a Betrayal at Calth marine with a Sternguard cloaked rear torso and head. I rather like his pose, swishing back the cloak.
The above Sternguard are from the plastics (left) and metal (right) Sternguard boxsets. I love the Special Ammo Bolter Sternguard on the right, so that made this squad Special Ammo Bolters and Heavy Bolters rather than Combi-Weapons.
The two Heavy Weapon Sternguard are based on Dark Angel Veterans (left) with Scout Heavy Bolter and modern plastics Sternguard HB (right). The ammo back pack also gives him a lot more height.

Two of these had been painted a long time ago, (Sep 2010 and Mar 2009) so its about time I finished the squad!

Cheers, Siph (3pts)

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