7 May 2018

Relictors Space Marine Captain on (Jet)Bike - Counts-as SM Bike

Hi, thanks for dropping in. My latest addition to the Relictors Space Marine Army is a counts-as Captain on a (Jet)Bike armed with twin Bolters, a Relic Blade and Storm Shield.  I will obviously run this FW Scimitar Jet bike as a normal SM Bike and the measurements are from the base so no real advantage, just looks cool-as! 
I loved the FW style 30K Legion Jetbikes ever since they were released and had to get one for my Relictors, after all, they scour the battlefields for long lost relics... I thought a Captain would present the ideal opportunity to field one and besides - look how cool they look!
I used an old metal Storm Shield and a considerable power sword to act as the Relic Blade, carefully blending with Kantor Blue, Hawk Turquoise and Nuln Oil, highlighted with Temple Guard Blue, looks okay to me. The greys are my normal recipe of Dawnstone, Nuln Oil and Administratum Grey.
I converted the weapon mount from a Heavy Weapon with a Storm Bolter to represent better twin Bolters the normal SM Bikes are fitted with. I love the front 'maw' like grille of these bikes.
The studded shoulder Pauldron was a metal piece from Chapterhouse Studios I think and the winged helm was from the Dark Angel plastic Captain. I painted the wings to match the turquoise of the other bike squad Sergeant's bikes. I also swapped the rider torso for an elaborate Aquila chest Mk4 torso I had lurking in the bits box, I think from a Red Scorpion upgrade, replacing the scorpion motif with a tiny skull. The gold Pauldron was from the SM kits.
Here you can see the cockpit controls, he is actually holding the handlebars and I have fashioned a leather strap for the Storm Shield from half a plastic tube that comes with the paintbrushes. I topped the bike off with an icon from the Terminators kit and a Laurel to look Captain-like scrambled egg they have on their caps irl ;)
Here he is with the Bikes, as you can see the turquoise wing adornments fit in nicely. I rather enjoyed this one, I hope you like it and it gives you similar ideas. Cheers, Siph, (10pts for a Character, and a fine Bike one at that too)


  1. These are among my favorite HH models, they are just so cool! Well done incorporating it into your force.

  2. The rool of Kule always wins.

    Tres zoomy.

  3. Very cool! I really dig how he turned out!

  4. @ Neverness, Zzzzzz and Mordian7th, cheers guys. Zoom Zoom indeed and rule of cool-as-f... can’t wait to use him this weekend at WHW massive 8000pt slugfest after Warhammerfest on the Sat!


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