18 May 2018

Chaos Daemons - Nurgle - Giant Chaos Spawn

Hi One and All,

I've recently spent a lot of time updating and finishing several Nurgle units for the WHW battle with Siph the day after WarhammerFest. (Pics soon..) Here is one of the units completed, my chaos Giant Chaos Spawn - using the LOTR, watcher in the water model.

I loved the model I the moment I saw it, and knew that I had to find a use for the model - and the moment I saw the rules for the giant spawn, I thought it was the perfect opportunity!
I've painted the model over a nurgle green base, with biel tann green wash, then agrax. The model then had blood for the blood god and nurgle rot to add depth to the unit.
The model was based on a 'spare' knight carapace and shoulder guard, with the 'squid' spawn sliding over the curve of the carapace. This adds a little height to the model. There was little conversion needed to make the model fit to the base other than to pin the stomach to the base.

Thanks for looking!

Cheers LH (5 Painting Points)


  1. I wondered why it looked like it was sitting on top of a Knight! ;)

    Seriously, tho, that looks great. Got any shots from the sides? I'd like to be able to see more of it.

  2. Eeeeeeeeeew.

    Well done.


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