2 May 2018

Warhammer World Visit 2018 - Photo Dump #1 of 3 - Picture Heavy

(Click on any of the photos for a slideshow and enlarged images)
Hi Readers, a nice photo dump of my recent visit to Warhammer World in Nottingham, UK. I'll post a large selection each Wednesday for next two weeks so feel free to check in again next week - this way I avoid crashing your browser or giving you WeeMen Diorama fatigue! Enjoy!  First up, the site, foyer and into Exhibition Hall 1.
In the Foyer
 Into the Exhibition Hall, starting with an original Diorama...
The Burning of Prospero
Worldeaters Preparing for an Aerial Assault
Legio Custodes
Iron Hands Vs Emperors Children
Ferrus Manus Vs Fulgrim... we know how this ended.

Thanks for dropping by, more to post next week. Cheers, Siph.


  1. Uuuurgh. It's too far. I don wanna spend enny munni. No one is interested. I'd need to arrange child care. It's all too difficult.

  2. @Zzzzzz, mate, you’ll just have to enjoy the photos then XD


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