11 May 2018

A little Help?

Hi one and All,

I just thought I'd message out to see if anybody knows, or has done, or has experience in doing decals on models where currently there aren't decals for?

I am looking at options for the Legio Crucicus symbol for my Reaver, however FW don't make them, thus I'm left with either painting it freehand- which wouldn't look great.. or trying to find an options to make my own..

Has anybody got experience with this? what have you done if there wasn't a transfer available for something you wanted?

Cheers in Advance! LH

Weemen will be attending Games Day 2018 - (cough)Warhammerfest, I'm sure there will be loads of pictures!


  1. I have ordered a number of custom decals from Fallout Hobbies over the years and have always been hugely impressed with the quality and design work. Here's a link right to the custom page: http://www.fallouthobbies.com/custom/

    Perhaps a little spendy, but heartily recommended!

  2. I have had good luck printing my own onto decal paper with an inkjet printer. Of course that depends on what you have access to for printing - I wouldn't advocate buying a printer for just a couple decals! :) You can purchase decal paper pretty inexpensively though, then make any decal you want by printing images form a computer.

  3. Chapter Customiser custom job. https://www.chaptercustomizer.com/custom/

  4. You can do your own color laser printer decals, but anything white has to be painted. (there is no white ink in a traditional printer).

  5. Chapter Customizer has not delivered my order from October or responded to any messages so I would not recommend them.


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