15 May 2018

Imperial Agents - Grey Knight Terminator Squad

Hi All, Thanks for dropping by. The latest addition to the Imperial Agents forces, a squad of Grey Knight Terminators. Glad to get these off the to-do pile, just a niggly job like before, these were painted by The Pirate Viking (Jeff) at The Beard Bunker and I just had to incorporate them into my own.
I re-based them to match my own vast forces, changed the purity seal 'wax' to purple to match my fledgling Sisters Of Battle (coincidentally then went back and changed the Purity Seals on both Grey Knight Dreadnoughts) and added the two red/blue indicators on the rear of the torso to match my own Terminators. Simple job, Jeff had done a great job and I look forward to replicating his scheme with the other Grey Knights I have.
Here is the rather splendid Terminator Justicar with a Nemesis Daemon Hammer.
Two Terminators with Nemesis Force Halberds for the +1 S but -2 AP vice -3 for a Nemesis Force Sword) but I love the iconic look of the Halberds.
The remaining two Terminators, again with Nemesis Force Halberds but one has a Psycannon.

Thanks for having a look see, great to make a small dent in the to-do pile and we shall see where the Hobby Butterfly takes me next... Cheers, Siph. (1 painting point rewarded for re-basing this Squad of Jeff's handiwork!)


For the Emperor! (and other Xenos welcome...)

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