25 May 2018

Guilliman Gauntlet 2! 8th Edition

Hi One and All,

this week I thought I'd have a look at how the 8th edition rules have changed how good certain characters are..

So, I thought I'd try the Guilliman Gauntlet again, this time Calgar Vs Guilliman.

I set them 12 inches about and rolled off to see who started- Calgar.

I started off by moving Calgar backwards, and opened fire- with Guilli's armour save preventing any wounds. Guilliman charged forwards, firing off shots with Calgar saved- in Combat Guilliman wounded Calgar once, in return Calgar smashed the Primarch of the Ultramarines, 5 hits and wounds with his power fist- Guilliman only managed to save 1 hit- with 4 '2's' rolled! losing 9 wounds- Guilliman was down.
 Guilliman got up from being felled by Calgar, with 2 wounds remaining - however this turn Calgar stuck first, and put the Primarch back down to the floor- Calgar won! causing 14 wounds to Guilliman only inflicting 1!

Wow, that was unexpected- note to self, if I'm using Guilliman make sure he has some units to support him.. and that I need to practise my armour save rolling..




  1. Celebrity death match lives on !!!

  2. No one puts Calgar in the corner! "Come back and make me feel like a 5th wheel? I think not!"

  3. The old alpha is always usurped in the end.


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