13 May 2018

Warhammer World Visit 2018 - Final Photo Dump #3 - More Exhibits

Hi, I hope you've been enjoying this series, my final selection of photos from my recent visit. Cheers, Enjoy! I’m actually at Warhammer World today fighting a massive Relictors vs Daemons battle, and a great Warhammerfest yesterday - photos and batrep to follow....
The HUGE Assault on Angelus Hive takes up all the space in the staircase between Exhibition Halls.
Also on the Staircase
Another display case on the stairs
Tyranids Vs Eldar on a volcanic moon
Black ORK Down, MORKadishu
Blood Angels assault a Necron Tomb World
Probably my favourite - Tau Base being assaulted by Ad Mech and Titans!
The Manta is HUGE
Love this Titan scheme
Awesome attack on the Reaver and the Reaver crushing Battlesuits in its grip!
There you have it, I went on a Thursday evening and whilst the gaming Hall was busy as was Bugmans where I had a delicious Peppered Burger, the Exhibition Halls I had all to myself, amazing sites and really great way to spend a few hours whilst passing through the area.

Hope you enjoyed these pictures, especially for our cousins across the pond - if you are ever visiting the UK, forget London (well at least get out of London for a day), you want to make the pilgrimage to Nottingham ;)

Cheers, Siph.

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  1. Wow. well, I know that to do with my collection now. All I need is a huge stairwell.


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