23 Mar 2020

Chaos Daemons - Plague Drones of Nurgle #1

Hello All, thanks for dropping by, I hope Papa Nurgle hasn’t blessed your house with COVID, but for people with all this time WFH or in isolation, I thought I’d give something back to Papa Nurgle in the form of some Nurgle Daemons, these are my first 'fast attack' options for the Nurgle Daemons, some Rotten Riders on Rot Flies... these are 10in moving, fly keyword, mainly melee with cavalry attacks along with the riders attacks, they also have a short range shooting attack in the form of throwing diseased 'death's heads' which are Assault 2 12in effectively Bolter shots.
These are painted with mainly contrast paints then washed and drybrushed to bring out the details like the wing filaments, and the skin tones. The harder exoskeleton was Skeleton Horde, whilst the wings Magos Purple then drybrushed Ulthuan Grey and washed thin layer of Skeleton Horde to look diseased.

This Plague Drone has the Instrument of Chaos, a doom bell, for the plus one to Advance and Charge rolls.
Once the main block colours are down I added a wash to each to differentiate, one Agrax, one Sepia and one Biel Tan Green. The guts were Screamer Pink and Pink Horror with liberal use of Blood for the Blood God and Nurgles Rot in places.

The Rotten Riders are Plaguebearers with Plague Swords and the Death's Heads missiles, and the Rot Fly has a Prehensile Proboscis for additional attacks and trying to suck the innards out of wounded foes.
I have another three Plague Drones to finish, so a nice addition to the growing Daemon Incursion, fast plentiful attacks and wounds - they should give the enemy something to worry about, a little, not much as a 5++ and a disgustingly resilient roll isn't the best, but can sometimes be a pain to get through.

Cheers, Siph (15pts - 3 'Dreadnought' size)


  1. Great work! Love the filthy colour scheme and the contrast of the yellow and green.

  2. Looking great! Very Nurgley and characterful.

  3. uurgh ! They're horrrible.

    Where's a deathwatch captain when you want one ?


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