2 Aug 2015

Blog Wars 9 - Army Pictures - Picture Heavy. Enjoy.

6thDegree and Lord Halfpenny attended BlogWars 9, run by Alex from From The Fang. Thanks Alex, here are some photos of the armies there, just because we all love pictures of fantastically painted miniatures and armies arrayed on the table top... enjoy.

Be sure to checkout the details on From The Fang for the next BlogWars, BlogWars 10 in November.


  1. There were some sweet Armies there! I particularly like the winter Eldar and the pale purple Nids :)

  2. Great photos! Thanks for taking these. It's really nice to see everyones armies even if you couldn't attend!

  3. Great photos! Whose are the Blood Pact ?

  4. Fantastic! Those green (Nordic?) Guard tanks were particularly cool...


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