10 Sept 2021

Legio Crucius - Warbringer Nemesis Titan - Röntgen Walks!

Hello All!

As you might remember I had a task on my hands to get the Warbringer ready for the Titan Owners Club walk during August, Well apart from the missing parts that I am still waiting on, the titan is 95% complete, with only some details left on the weapons.
I've added my homebrewed decals, and will be adding more to complete the Warbringer.
The Belicosa and generators are converted, from the Warlord weapon, and 2 plasma generators. I feel this add more to the rear of the titan, I am planning to add cabling to connect the parts.
So why Röntgen? Firstly as a diagnostic radiographer, I am paying homage to the founder of Ionising Radiation - X-rays, also, with the fact I've opted for the reactor draining 3 Volcano Cannon configuration (known as a Wingrove set up after our pal at Titan Owners Club who always catastrophically meltsdown!) which are likely to result in some serious reactor damage caused by shooting them all!

Will post more once the titan is fully complete! But as it's FW small pipe pieces we are waiting for, we call this Complete, LH (60pts)


  1. Love the home made conversion work on the plasma reactors and the Belicosa Volcano Cannon, looks great LH

  2. All the volcano cannon! Another great addition. Beautiful piece.


For the Emperor! (and other Xenos welcome...)

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