27 Sept 2021

Relictors Space Marines - Primaris Impulsor Transport

Hello all, thanks for dropping by, my Primaris reinforcements to my Relictors Battle Companies continue to arrive. I painted this Primaris Impulsor transport in my usual way, Codex Greay (Dawnstone) washed Nuln Oil and highlighted Fortress Grey (Administrum Grey).
From the previous WIP Post you can see I magnetised the Missile Launcher and the Shield Dome. 
It also has a 3rd party resin upgrade kit on the rear compartment making it enclosed like a Rhino, which I much prefer. The enclosed kit is from Models and Minis for a good price too. Seems that it's a one-man business and he has a massive backlog of orders so expect possible delays but he comes through!
A better look at the rear compartment. Very Chimera-like.
The Skulls from the Primaris Vehicle sheet make great proxy Relictors badges, I have always used the facing skull rather than the official side-skull as decals are easier than freehand and I'm not going back and changing 1000+ skulls now!
The chains are from the Chaos vehicle sets, my Relictors have dubious background...
I quite like this kit and can't wait to get some of the 'grav-Predator' Gladiator Primaris tanks...
Cheers, Siph (5pts)


  1. Nice work, and that enclosed rear really makes it seem like a flying Rhino.

    The beard bunker had an article about the Gladiator/Impulser hull and the kid and I have been studying sprues, so your Rhino body was very noticeable!

  2. Much better than standard.

    And yes, poor ol' Models and Minis has some great stuff, but struggles with his health as well as modern Customs and Exsize.

  3. Great ride for the Relictors, Siph. Nice work as always. I'm also a fan of the enclosed cabin. The grim dark is grim enough without having to face it in a pickup truck...


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