9 Jul 2011

Relictors Devastator Squad - First Five

This is the first half of the Devastator Squad now finished (well working on last Missile Launcher today), but I guess the more boring half... only bolters.

These are lovely sculpts from FW, but each marine has over 200 rivets and stupidly my army scheme means they are painted boltgun metal, not Grey like the armour - 2000 rivets later...

I chose MKIII Iron Armour for the first full squad of Devastators in my Battle Company as I thought it was awesome and too chunky for Assault, even though the fluff has it for just that - Boarding actions on spaceships. However, I figured as Heavy Weapon troops they deserved Heavy Armour.

They are 10 man squads to complete my Battle Company but will probably only be smaller squads for actual battles, the spare marines can 'counts as' Sternguard until I've finished a full squad of them. The second half of the squad has all the conversions and missile launchers talked about here. I'll be posting as soon as I've finished the last marine.


  1. Ridiculous amount of rivits, but well worth it if you ask me!

  2. That is a silly amount of rivets, nightmare to paint I bet as well.

    Looking really nice already, can't wait to see the full squad.


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