28 Jul 2011

WIP pornstarjedi new army


its been a while since I've blog'ed anything, due to a number of reasons- however, like a Necron lord- I'm back!!

I've been pretty busy with a number of projects on the go, however I'd thought I'd share my current project, which had a run out over the weekend against Siph's Relictors.

SO the new force---- daemons!!

The decision was made a while ago to try something new, and to see how the force develops, I also wanted a force with lots of flexibility, whilst having the autonomy to be able to paint/convert as I felt fit. I did consider Chaos Space Marines, however having spent years painting power armour I decided not to go in that direction (yet)

I've gone headstrong into the army, and built a sizable force- (2670 points) some of these have been purchased via eBay, thus will need stripping, and starting again.

Below are some of the WIP, and I'll post as I complete these.....

Daemon Prince, undercoated 2, of the 6 flamer squad, all in finecast. 5 bloodletters, of a 20 man squad- including a 'chaos icon' of a Relictors marines helmet...3 Bloodchrusher units3, of a 15 man plaguebearers squad. These were given to me by Siph...Soul Grinder number 1, Soul Grinder number 2- additional 'claws' given to bulk the model up further.5 man Seekers, I've also got a 10 man unit of pink horrorsSkulltaker on Juggernaught of Khorne- I also have the Skulltaker model in finecast on foot2 Bloodthirsters, the model on the right has 2 axes, and can be used to represent Skarbrand

The last few images are the eBay purchases- the plan is to re-paint these, and pin the wings/skulltaker into place. There are also 5 fleshhounds.

The force is developing quickly, so its time to start painting.. I'll post as the army develops!


  1. Man I love Daemon models.

  2. Cant wait to see them all painted up!

  3. ha! cheers for the comments, in a really weird way I'm looking forward to painting these, and developing the army! I might not be able to stop myself from painting them ultramarine blue.....


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