17 Jul 2014

Myrmidon Destructors (as Obliterator counts-as)

Hi guys - today I am showing off my Myrmidon Destructors from Forgeworld. The second they were released I knew I had to have some as counts-as Obliterators for my Iron Warriors army - and if that accidentally leads to a small Mechanicum force...I can live with that.

The really fit my Iron Warriors aesthetic that I am going for, with the robes (not dresses!), cables and big-ass guns! I can really image them being inspiration for the first Obliterator experiments.

Being Forgeworld, the casts are great, although for some reason they were a beast to glue (I typically don't bother pinning any more as I find the glue I use up to the job with plastics and resins and metal minis are all but extinct now). I quite liked how FW supply the cables in straight rods and it is up to the modeller to bend them however they want. I now just hope they make a couple more variants.

1 comment:

  1. These look great and are worthy counts as Obliterators!

    Good job matey


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