15 Sep 2017

Reaver Titan WIP - #9 - Update

Hi all!

The WIP on the Reaver has slowed recently, however I've got the model out again to start working on it again!

I've started to add the pieces needed to secure the leg armour plates to the legs, and its a nice fit around the leg. It starts to look like a titan with these arm plates in position, rather than a Reaver that skipped leg day.
There area also pistons for the armour that attaches to the leg/foot. I've opted to paint these first before I glue them into place- as I think it'll be easier to position them onto the titan once finished.
I've positioned and glued into place the pistons around the torso and knee joins, next is to glue the hip pistons in place- but first I'm going to drill a couple of rods into the hip through the pelvis- with these holes hidden under the pistons. This will also prevent the hip joint moving and causing the hip joint to break.
The Knee pistons needed to be cut to size- thankfully there wasn't an issue of cutting too much off.. so a nice fit..

I've also decided on a paint scheme, and the paints are ready to use- Hopefully there will be some pictures of a painted titan up soon..
Thanks for popping by!

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  1. Looking good, man - All the attention to proper build techniques you're putting in will pay off well in the end. Excellent work!

  2. Man is that thing complex! Thanks for the walk through.

  3. Wow, building at titan is a massive undertaking!

  4. uuuuuuuuuummm. Reaver dreams.....

    he/she is looking good. Doin' it properly will make it last a bit longer.


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