1 Sept 2017

WIP- Nurgle stuff

Hi all,

Just a very quick update post on some Nurgle goodies I've been working on..

Plague Toads..

Each one has had a few washes over the death guard green- I'm toying with repainting the 'slimer' toad the same colour to match the other 2, I really like the way they look. I will be adding a further wash of Nurgle Rot to had a hint of slime to the models, then details..

Giant Spawn

I've always liked the model for the Lord of the Rings Watcher of the Deep, I think it might be because of my fascination with Octopus and Squid, so the plan was done to build one as a giant spawn I'm looking at options for basing him so that it feels 40k- at the moment he is on a spare FW carapace piece that was miscast, which I had replaced. Although I've also looked at options for a rhino, or building.
Cor'bax Utterblight, Daemon Prince of the Ruinstorm

Then the new addition, Cor'bax, Who now has rules for 40k- and the moment I saw these I had to get the model, I've always liked the look of it- it oozes 'Nurgle' and I think he'll be a nice centrepiece to my Nurlge daemon horde.
Thanks for stopping by! LH


  1. That spawn-thing at the end of the post looks like it is going to be incredible!

  2. That is a whole lot going on there, fair play.
    Looking forward to seeing things painted up.


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