21 Sept 2017

Spartember - End of Week 3 - Tracks Nearly Derail My Progress

Hi All, thanks for dropping in. So, tracks progress... yes. What a git. Every piece needs filing both ends, a few mm here and there just to have them fit. The track links on each piece need reducing in size, snipping and filing a few mm...
This is the front top link, it needed a little chopping and bending and clamping into place.
And the other end of each piece has the same treatment, a few mm removed by removing a little from where it is not seen.
This is the difference a few mm makes, the top picture is before, the bottom once adjusted and fits...
And then the obligatory elastic bands to hold the tracks in place whilst they bond.
I did a little more on the main body, Engine Block and Exhausts now in place.
And onto the next few track pieces - each one of twelve needing a minor adjustment or two... what a complete pain in the butt. But, getting there!

This is the problem, without the trimming and snipping, the tracks are just too long for the vehicle hull, maybe mould shrinkage in the larger hull pieces or incorrect design? Either way, I'm glad the newer kit has addressed this error and the tracks now come already moulded in place. I'll be glad when finished!
And another four end links trimmed to fit, the single link was attached to the angled piece, but with careful hobby saw and trimming, it will be the final link to be put in place! As this is on the rear of the tracks, it will not be immediately noticed, only under careful examination of every track link can you see the smaller narrower links, by spreading the error along the entire length of track, its far less noticeable.

Wish me luck, thanks for checking my progress out. Cheers, Siph.


  1. Great work, man! I feel your pain, and applaud your method - the extra effort your putting in will pay off in the end! Good stuff!

  2. The work looks great.

    I have been IRL'd. No further progress. :(

  3. Oh boy! Siph I do not envy you with those tracks, they look a bloody nightmare! You are def going about it the right way though

  4. Not sure if this will be a double post but keep up the good work. You are a better man than I.


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